Current issue

Zdravotnícke listy. 2024; Vol 12, No. 1


Editorial series / Nursing; Public health / 5


Adverse events reporting in intensive care units: a cross-sectional study

Editorial series / Nursing / 6-12

Kohanová D., Faťun P.


Postpartum anxiety and possibilities of its solution from women’s perspective

Editorial series / Nursing / 13-19

Slamková A., Poledníková Ľ., Spáčilová Z., Pavelová Ľ.


The importance of family background for the development of sexual behaviour of adolescents in Slovakia

Editorial series / Nursing / 20-26

Cifríková R., Bašková M., Kolarčik P.


Mental health of nurses as measured by SCL-90-S during COVID-19 pandemic

Editorial series / Nursing / 27-32

Shivairová O., Bártlová S., Chloubová I., Tóthová V., Hellerová V., Dolák F.


Sociodemographic profile of informal carers and their care needs

Editorial series / Nursing / 33-40

Hajduchová H., Bártlová S., Brabcová I., Dvořáčková, O.


Self efficacy, health related quality of life and health perception in older adults: cross sectional study

Editorial series / Nursing / 41-48

Bobkowska M., Poliaková N., Matišáková I., Meluš V.


Characteristics of pain in patients with leg ulcers before and during changing dressing

Editorial series / Nursing / 49-54

Miertová M., Šechná S., Ovšonková S.


Knowledge of diabetes as one of the factors required to provide quality inpatient nursing care: a cross-sectional study

Editorial series / Nursing / 55-63

Kudlová P., Kočvarová I.


The phenomenon of missed nursing care in pediatric workplaces: a cross-sectional study

Editorial series / Nursing / 64-69

Kohanová D., Bartoníčková D., Žiaková K.


Issues in nursing schools in today’s Slovakia in the 1930s of the 20th century

Editorial series / Nursing / 70-75

Dobrotková M., Ilievová Ľ., Juríková E.


Point prevalence survey of healthcare-associated infections in selected acute hospitals in the Slovak Republic, 2023

Editorial series / Public health / 76-84

Litvová S., Štefkovičová M., Zibolénová J., Prostináková Z., Krajčovičová Z.


Antimicrobial use in acute care hospitals: National point prevalence survey, Slovakia, 2023

Editorial series / Public health / 85-92

Litvová S., Štefkovičová M., Kopilec-Garabášová M., Kašlíková K., Meluš V.


Case report: Feeding difficulties in a newborn with Coffin-Siris syndrome

Editorial series / Nursing / 93-97

Červenková B., Tučková T.