Current issue

Zdravotnícke listy. 2023; Vol 11, No. 3


Editorial series / Nursing; Physiotherapy / 5


Fear of falling in seniors with a positive fall history in selected regions of Slovakia

Editorial series / Nursing / 6-12

Poliaková N., Bobkowska M., Matišáková I., Meluš V.


Gratitude, forgiveness and subjective well – being of people suffering from multiple sclerosis

Editorial series / Nursing / 13-19

Oriňáková E., Kačmárová M., Babinčák P.


Care for blind children in the first Czechoslovak Republic

Editorial series / Nursing / 20-25

Tóthová V., Tóth A., Červený M., Novotný L., Drábek J., Doležalová J.


Assessment of the impact of labour migration on the staffing of hospitals in the regions of Slovakia

Editorial series / Nursing / 26-32

Jašková D.


Identification of the source factors of health personnel migration in the context of working conditions during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic

Editorial series / Nursing / 33-39

Živčicová E., Masárová T.


Interest of Slovak nursing students to work in the neonatology and the pediatric department after the study graduation

Editorial series / Nursing / 40-46

Mrosková S., Magurová D., Ondriová I.


Possibilities of using the CADE-Q II questionnaire in secondary prevention in patients with coronary syndrome

Editorial series / Nursing / 47-52

Bálint G., Slezáková Z.,  Miklovičová E.


The influence of sports on the quality of posture in older school age children

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 53-58

Nechvátal P., Ištoňová M., Grus C., Kohanová T.


Use of the timed stand-up-and-go test in clinical practice

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 59-65

Malay M., Oravcová P., Čelko J.


The effect of high-intensity interval training on gait performance in patients after stroke

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 66-72

Lazarieva O., Vinohradov M., Bomko V.


Letter to Editor: Fall prevention of seniors as one of the priorities of the public health system in Slovakia

Editorial series / Nursing / 73-76

Bobkowska M., Matišáková I., Kašlíková K., Poliaková N., Krajčovičová Z.