Zdravotnícke listy. 2018; Vol. 6, No.1

Initiates file downloadEditorial

Editorial series / Nursing /  7

Iveta Matišaková


Initiates file downloadThe effect of the transplantation of autologous to the quality of life of patient with multiple myeloma

Editorial series / Nursing / 8-12

Majerníková Ľ., Obročníková A., Kuriplachová G.


Initiates file downloadQuality of life of dialysed patients

Editorial series / Nursing / 13-19

Šupínová M., Budová S., Drapáčová E., Snitková M.


Initiates file downloadProactive coping in patients with multiple sclerosis

Editorial series / Nursing / 20-26

Solgajová A., Zrubcová D., Vӧrӧsová G., Líšková M.


Initiates file downloadThe impact of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for depression in seniors

Editorial series / Nursing / 27-32

Kuriplachová G., Kendrová L., Hudáková A., Majerníková Ľ., Cibríková S.


Initiates file downloadEvaluation of the instrument and their use in seniors

Editorial series / Nursing / 33-39

Libová Ľ., Solgajová A., Jankechová M., Otrubová J., Balková H.


Initiates file downloadRespect for human dignity in the care for elderly people from the perspective of patients

Editorial series / Nursing / 40-49

Mastiliaková D., Kardošová A.


Initiates file downloadEthical approach to geriatric patients from a case study perspective

Editorial series / Nursing / 50-55

Rapčíková T., Janiczeková E.


Initiates file downloadHistory of the development of geriatrics and geriatric nursing

Editorial series / Nursing / 56-60

Matišáková I., Libová Ľ., Gerlichová K.


Initiates file downloadScreening instruments to measure functional status

Editorial series / Nursing / 61-66

Hudáková A., Obročníková A., Kuriplachová G., Majerníková Ľ.


Initiates file downloadNutrition problematics of seniors

Editorial series / Nursing / 67-73

Stuchlíková K., Verešová J., Prusenovská M.


Initiates file downloadSeniors and movement activity

Editorial series / Nursing / 74-83

Libová Ľ., Solgajová A., Zrubcová D., Jankechová M.


Perception of help and availability of healthcare services in lonely elderly people

Editorial series / Nursing / 84-94

Mastiliaková D., Mísařová Ž.


Home care in the Czech republic and the Netherlands

Editorial series / Nursing / 95-100

Krátká A., Sedláková R., Treterová S.



Initiates file downloadReviewed Abstracts from the International Scientific Conference Nursing and Health XI.

Editorial series / Nursing / A1-A12