Zdravotnícke listy. 2017; Vol. 5, No. 2

Initiates file downloadEditorial

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 5

Csaba Csolti 

Initiates file downloadPlantographic assessment methods of foot arch and their intercomparison

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 6-11

Shtin Baňárová P., Brečková M., Štefkovičová M.


Initiates file downloadComparison of the effect of diadynamic currents and transcutaneous electroneurostimulation in the treatment of chronic back pain

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 12-16

Shtin Baňárová P., Kočická T., Popracová Z.


Initiates file downloadMeteosenzitivity influence on the pain perception in patients with hip and knee arthrosis

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 17-26

Shtin Baňárová P., Bučková A., Černický M., Kováčová K., Malay M.


Initiates file downloadThe stroke and subsequent physiotherapy using the kabath´s method

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 26-35

Černický M., Gračková S., Kováčová K., Kašlíková K.


Initiates file downloadRehabilitation after implantation total endoprosthesis of metacarpophalangeal joints in reumatics

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 36-40

Kováčová K.


Initiates file downloadThe effect of rebox on reducing myofascial syndrome pain

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 41-46

Malay M., Kováčová N., Shtin Baňárová P.


Initiates file downloadVerbebrogenic algic syndrome in young people

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 47-49

Zverbíková J., Malay M.


Initiates file downloadEfficacy of physical activities of medical physical education in patients with diabetes mellitus

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 50-53

Petríková Rosinová I., Korcová J., Mašán J.


Initiates file downloadThe possibility of increasing the physiological capacity of the organism with the aid of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 54-60

Dluhošová L., Krajčovičová Z., Meluš V., Kašlíková K.


Initiates file downloadPhysiotherapist and nurse co-operation in rehabilitation care providing

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 61-65

Plačková A., Horváthová S.


Initiates file downloadThe safety of hyperbaric oxygen therapy from the aspect of the oxygen toxicity

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 66-71

Greguš V., Krajčovičová Z., Meluš V.


Initiates file downloadPotency of music and movement intervention in care of a female patient with sclerosis multiplex

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 72-81

Sýkorová M., Králová E., Poliaková N.


Initiates file downloadThe use of kegel’s exercises in the treatment of pelvic floor muscles dysfunction

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 82-93

Juríková G., Shtin Baňárová P., Ďurinová E.