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Zdravotnícke listy. 2019; Vol 7, No. 2

Initiates file downloadEditorial

Editorial series / Nursing / 5

Zdenka Krajčovičová


Initiates file downloadPhenomenon of respect and self-esteem as an inhibitor of abusive power in helping profession of health professionals

Editorial series / Nursing / 6-12

Sedláček J.


Initiates file downloadProvision of nursing care to close relatives of a dying patient

Editorial series / Nursing / 13-21

Mareková A., Králová E., Poliaková N.


Initiates file downloadThe use of psychometric constructs to assess mood disorders in nursing practice

Editorial series / Nursing / 22-28

Rabinčák M., Tkáčová Ľ.


Initiates file downloadNursing care of a patient with involuntary admission to a psychiatric department

Editorial series / Nursing / 29-36

Smolák M., Šimovcová D.


Initiates file downloadIntraabdominal infections using vacuum therapy

Editorial series / Nursing / 37-41

Bilčíková I., Ilievová Ľ.


Initiates file downloadBiofilm formation as an important clinical problem

Editorial series / Nursing / 42-47

Kašlíková K., Meluš V., Krajčovičová Z., Černický M., Slobodníková J.


Initiates file downloadSubjective perception of quality of life in patients with haemophilia

Editorial series / Nursing / 48-54

Poliaková N., Kiriľáková Z., Králová E.


Initiates file downloadAn inpatient falls prevention from the perspective of nurse revencia

Editorial series / Nursing /  55-60

Vlková L., Gerlichová K. 


Initiates file downloadThe Basal Stimulation Concept® at the department of long-term intensive care

Editorial series / Nursing / 61-67

Bonková L.,  Nevřelová L., Maloň-Friedlová K.


Initiates file downloadDevelopments of nursing education in Slovakia – the nursing school of the Congregation of the sisters of mercy of the holy cross in Bratislava

Editorial series / Nursing / 68-73

Dobrotková M., Ilievová Ľ., Juríková E.


Initiates file downloadQuality assessment of patients life in its terminal state of the disease

Editorial series / Nursing / 74-80

Šupínová M., Janiczeková E., Kurčíková E.



Initiates file downloadReviewed Abstracts from the Scientific Conference 11. Trenčiansky ošetrovateľský deň

Editorial series / Nursing / A1-A6