Current issue

Zdravotnícke listy. 2020; Vol 8, No. 2


Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 5

Peter Takáč


Efficiency of the Wim Hof method to the response of autonomous system after the load and the impact of enviroment to the performance of sportsmen

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 6-15

Beňuš P., Gurín D., Líška D.


The level of subjective well-being of high school students with musculoskeletal disorders

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 16-21

Nemček D., Ladecká P.


Monitoring the occurrence of functional changes and disorders of the postural system in active basketball and football players

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 22-27

Kozel M., Nechvátal P., Gajdoš M., Čuj J.


Movement activity and cognitive functions

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 28-34

Čelko J., Malay M., Mašán J., Zverbíková J.


Effect of TheraSuit Method® in patients with cerebral palsy

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 35-41

Černický M., Klein J., Malay M., Vlnka M.


Movement rehabilitation after surgical treatment of traumatic upper limb neuropathy

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 42-48

Bismak E.


Isolated breathing through the left and right nostril – yoga breathing nadi shodhana pranayama level 1

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 49-53

Bednár R.


Importance of physiotherapeut assistance in home rehabilitation of patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 54-59

Kováčová K.


Analgesic effect by ultrasound in knee joint ligament apparatus

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 60-64

Zverbíková J., Malay M., Petríková Rosinová I.


Work-related upper limb disorders in Slovakia: A thirty-year retrospective study

Editorial series / Public health / 65-70

Ulbrichtová R., Jakušová V., Hudečková H.


Analysis of physical activity status and functional posture in Slovakia’s young school-aged children with different body weight

Editorial series / Public health / 71-81

Bendíková E., Novotná B., Rozim R., Tomková Š., Fyodorov A., Palaščáková Špringrová I.


Relationship between public health indicators and the country’s economic indicators

Editorial series / Public health / 82-90

Dereka T.


Letter to editor: Current understanding of rehabilitation medicine according to european perspective

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 91-95

Takáč P., Hornáček K.