Zdravotnícke listy. 2021; Vol 9, No. 3

Zdravotnícke listy. 2021; Vol 9, No. 3


Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 5


Effect of physical therapy and occupational therapy on the recovery of activities of daily living in patients with consequences of traumatic upper limb nerve injuries

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 6-12

Bismak E., Lazarieva O., Dereka T.


The impact of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization on the variability of heart rate variability in professional weight lifters and judoists

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 13-18

Belička P., Líška D., Pupiš M., Gurín D.


Lifestyle and physical condition parameters of primary school students in Poland and Ukraine

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 19-26

Radziejowska M., Radziejowski P., Knotowicz J., Dereka T., Vasylyuk D., Kalabukhova A., Dychko V., Dychko O., Klimenko Y., Radziievska O.


Effect of postural workout elements on body posture quality for older school age pupils

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 27-31

Grus C., Nechvátal P., Mikuľáková W.B., Čuj J., Kozel M.


Monitoring of the number of ozone therapy and periradicular therapy in the treatment of degenerative spinal diseases, implemented in selected workplaces

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 32-37

Štrbáková E., Jando D.,  Malay M.


Effectiveness of application of rehabilitation measures in patients with residual manifestations of facial nerve neuropathy in the long-term recovery period

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 38-44

Zharova I., Pashov A., Bannikova R., Gavrelyuk S., Brushko V.


Speleotherapy and climatotherapy as methods how to cope with depression and anxiety in the treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 45-50

Demjanovič Kendrová L., Hnatová K.,  Mikuľáková W., Nechvátal P., Macej M., Bittnerová Z.


Use of McKenzie method in the lower part of the axial skeleton

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 51-55

Černický M., Oravcová P., Klein J.


Letter to Editor: Home-based telerehabilitation for COVID-19 patients: reducing the effects of hospital-associated deconditioning after the discharge from the intensive care unit

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 56-60

Grünerová Lippertová M., Pětioký J., Šilhavá S., Nerandžič Z., Dědková M., Hoidekrová K.,  Žiaková E.


Letter to Editor: Simulation centre for students clinical practice of the Faculty of Healthcare, ADU Trenčín

Editorial series / Physiotherapy / 61-63

Krajčovičová Z., Matišáková I., Poliaková N., Kašlíková K., Gerlichová K., Meluš V.